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20 May 2010 @ 02:17 am

I'm hoping to do a comeback, as a whole new blogger. Refurnish the layout, change up the profile and renew my communities. It's time to make a come back and I want to keep updated with something that will not only interest me but my lovely readers. But, until then, I won't have new posts because there really is nothing much to discuss about...

Time to turn up a notch and spend more time working rather than being a full time girlfriend and gamer. (lol) So here I am, trying to put some of the things that I've been thinking about too frequently but not frequently enough for me to do something about. By the next post, I expect this list to be shorter.

1. Clear up LJ, learn (I see a lot of new features...), and refurnish.
2. Keep up with school.
3. Create a proper sleeping schedule for everything's sake.
4. Make sure to get that part time summer job...
5. Be less...boring? (I don't know where to start help?)
6. 2 poster illustrations waiting to be finished. One of Lightning, one of Nishino Tsukasa!
7. FINISH FF13 - I'm on ch.10! Lightning is super hot~
8. Clean and organize email inboxes. I've actually finished this task! Got rid of the 6000 emails I've received since second year university.

So my list can go on, but I might as well start with a few goals rather than propose 100 items and not get any done! Before I go on about what I've been up to, I have to show you all this video...Socialnomics! It's not something new but I see a lot of truth in it. I don't believe I'm engulfed in this social media revolution since I very rarely check my facebook on a daily basis and am just too lazy to be able to keep up with all the social media trends. I still found this video brilliant.

So besides always browsing youtube, some fun blogs, and trying my best to keep up with tech news, I always end up resorting to my jdrama and anime/manga at the end of the day. I have almost caught up with Bleach, just another 40 chapters behind, and I was told to catch up with One Piece and wait until Bleach leaves the "dragonball z" mode. I heart all the Urahara scenes I got from reading chapters 300 and on. And I really like Nerieru, the green hair beauty .One Piece - I'm finally at skypeia! I'm on volume 26, but started reading a hard copy volume 45. Really got to speed up...   Bakuman - Another 20 chapters to be caught up. My boyfriend told me a magnificent story one morning from his dream and I really look forward to portraying his dream with some illustrations. Bakuman came into mind in which then I asked him to put his story on paper for me to transfer into manga. It`s such a great idea, I might try to persuade him to write it again even though he kept refusing.

Two more pieces of work I must mention as I can`t stop loving them: Costume Play Animal, B gata H kei.

One thing I learned today: Physiology and Kinesiology are different streams. (=_=)
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25 June 2008 @ 01:19 am

This journal is now friends only  - but I love making new friends =).
Wanna be friends?  → View my profile to see if we have a similar interest, then comment anywhere and I'll add you back~ =).

My graphics are posted in a graphic lj community mod by my friends and I : Visit STEAMBUN GRAPHICS

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29 March 2008 @ 02:35 pm
OH MYYYYYYyyy~~!!! XDDD <3 <3 <3

Zettai Kareshi - dorama April 9th!

Moreover, the male cast is *O*! The three young male actors...were ones on my fav list before hahahah

Two 1984's~!


eDit+ April 2nd//

Ehhhhh?? It's April 15th...
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28 March 2008 @ 12:33 pm
Finals are right around the corner...

There's not too much left to do but papers and studying.
I'm pretty happy with this semester...at least there's two courses where I'm pretty confident with the marks I can get as long as I study for the final. Well, my graphic design course I'm pretty much done after next Tuesday :D!
English is my worst course...again. Haha I really thought I was done with english after high school. I have no idea what I was thinking when I chose to take this in University! But it's a requirement after all (T_T).

I can't wait to catch up on some things after finals...a road trip with people! Or even just catching up on some series...finish code geass and gundam00 XD! There's also cool series coming out in April...Vampire Knight *O*!

I'm actually listening to ... non-asian music now!
Haha,  so hungry - one more hour until tutorial! Then I can go eat indian curry buffet...XP


About summer semester~
I only got two of the three courses I wanted. Managerial economics is all taken!! I'm checking xx times everyday, but I doubt anyone will drop that course... it's an 8:30 AM class. Much rather take that in the summer than in the FALL when it's all dark and cold and wet in the morning =(.
Next semester is going to be hard...neither accounting nor economics are my friends (^_^;).

I want to watch some Aragaki Yui~!!! <3
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22 March 2008 @ 04:28 am
I'm making a post... O_O!
I just couldn't sleep~ it's really been a while!

My lucky charms have been disappearing one by one lately (since last month maybe). All the clover related items that I have~ both of my four leaf clover cellphone straps got detached from the string. Although I still have the chains with me, I may be able to fix it.  But since they're broken, it feels like there's no meaning in putting them back onto my phone. And just today, I was wearing these new pair of four-leaf clover earrings my mom bought me and ended up losing one of the pair. I didn't keep these clovers for luck in the first place, but just losing them makes me feel as if I should be knowing something (O_O).

I really can't fall asleep right now and this is my third sleepless night this week =(. Tell me this is really no good because it's 4:45AM already. Anyways, aside from going to school, everything's not been going as well. School is enjoyable -Philosophy lectures are quite interesting (although class is too early XD)! But aside from that, thinking about the future, planning the future, and taking action to pursue those plans troubles me right now. Not only that because there's more that I don't feel like spilling here - - - but all of this is just leading me to a total breakdown.

No no no...this post is way too depressing! I shall force myself to sleep~ =D
Everything must get better in a few hours when I get to meet up with steambunnies and everyone again~!
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06 September 2007 @ 10:10 am
Now now...I haven't touched my LJ in AGES, literally~! XD

This morning, I woke up extra early so that I could get a ride from my dad to Tim Hortons~ I needed a cup of HONEY LEMON TEA W/ HONEY really badly. My throat is still killing me, but it feels a lot better after the tea. I didn't cough for 30 minutes!!! :D *coughs* What was weird was this old man kept turning around and glancing at me on the bus O.o. Maybe my tea smelled too strong and sour, HAHA XD.

All my professors for this semester seem pretty good and interesting. Well, the least interesting one would be my economics prof, but that's expected because I had him for two semesters already. What's more to do but to nap in that class *w*??? My two business course professors are both female and pretty cool. I'm taking organizational behaviour and my prof is hilarious. She looks very serious, swears every now and then, and turns everything she says into jokes (haha). Then there's my History professor - she warned my class that she's wierd ;P... She used to have redish pink afro~ie hair!! COOL *thumbs up* =D.

That said, about people I go to school with...
Haha, I'm with my usual group of friends on Wednesday and Fridays, but I met a new girl yesterday and we have tutorial together on Thursday mornings =D! Then most Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I'll see some Surrey friends, then meet blue in the afternoon (o^w^o). Yatta~!!

And since I'm totally free Mondays, I can go visit people *nudge nudge*, ooor stay at home and study like what a good student would do :D.

My mom's friend is coming to live with us for a while...have a dinner tonight~ Then have work from morning to afternoon on the weekends XD! Ooops... (O.o) class starts in 8 minutes, ciao~!
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